About lastmanstandingchurch.com

About lastmanstandingchurch.com

In a world that seems to be increasingly turning its back on love, truth, goodness, kindness, godliness, peace and self-control, a world where institutions we once thought to be protectors of these values are in direct and often active opposition to them, we can take heart because there is still one man standing.  This man is the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the lion of Judah, and he commands his body, the Church to stand with him.  May this blog give voice to this call both in the area of ministry to children, to youth, to marriages, and wherever else the Lord leads.

Whether it be the crisis of fatherlessness or failing marriages or violence or drug abuse or any of the other symptoms of brokenness on the front page today, the Church is the only institution with the complete answer.  We are the body of Christ, the children of the King of kings, and we are called to imitate His character in a world gone wrong, to share His good news and love with a world in need. Won’t you stand?

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