Introduction – Part II

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2e7c82eIn these pages you will learn about the special place children hold in the heart of GOD and how, as His image bearers and imitators, we must hold them deeply in our hearts as well.

Through scripture, testimonies, and my personal story, we will prepare for the fight of our lives. We will discover the very unique way we as GOD’s creation are “wired” and why that “wiring” makes it critical as parents and the church to reach children early with quality, relational discipleship. We will expose Satan’s strategy for leaving the children in your family, church, neighborhood and around the world vulnerable to his plans and begin to understand why “real men” must do children’s ministry.  Finally, we will look at what I believe is a Biblical call to action for the whole family of GOD.

It is my prayer that this book will serve as a starting point for leaders of the church and men of all ages and life stages to reorder their priorities and take the lead in the fight for the next generation.

A word to the ladies

     Wives, sisters and mothers please don’t close this book.  Husbands, get your wife to read this section at least.  With a title like “Last Man Standing” you might imagine that I will spend a lot of time in these pages addressing men and spurring them on to assume their GOD given roles as fathers, mentors, protectors and spiritual leaders.  You would be correct, but that is only part of the story. This fight is truly a family affair.

You hold the key

I praise GOD for the women of the Church.  Thank you for doing your part in fending off Satan’s attacks on the children. Were it not for you the situation could be far worse indeed. You were never intended to shoulder that burden alone.

What the children of the world need today is not less of the female influence but rather an increase in the presence of godly men in their lives.

While I don’t want to burden you further, I must share with you this truth; you hold an important key to mobilizing the godly man to join you in this fight.  You can be a catalyst for moving the men in your life, whether that is your boyfriend, husband, brother, father or grandfather, beyond our culture’s definition of manhood to a higher place. This is a family endeavor, so step out with them and be the kind of families GOD has designed you to be.

This may sound great to you at first glance, but it will require sacrifice. For you wives, you will need to release your husband and encourage him to not only be the spiritual leader in the home and of your children, but to take the next step and become a “Father to the fatherless” outside the home in your community and around the world.

What does that mean? You may need to sacrifice some of your time together to allow him to mentor a child from a broken home. It may mean another mouth to feed occasionally at the dinner table or having someone new participating in a family event.  Perhaps it will mean that he starts “butting in” on your nighttime routine with the children.  It could even be much more radical than any of these examples. Whatever form it takes, you must understand this truth; you wield incredible power; power to either squash your husbands will to obey scripture or to fill his heart with courage to move out into uncharted territory. It is a rare man indeed who can live out his faith while his wife is resisting him at every turn. The choice is yours.

I would like to challenge you to read these pages and prayerfully consider what Christ would have you do in response.  Are you ready?

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