Chapter I, Devil’s Playground, post 2, Eduardo’s Story

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2e7c82eEduardo’s story continued from previous post…

…On one particular evening he and some friends travelled across town to burglarize a house they believed would be empty.  As they approached the outer wall he sensed something wrong in the pit of his stomach and told his boys to back off. They wouldn’t rob this house today. He wouldn’t discover the source of this ill feeling until more than two years later. On their way home they came across a gentleman who looked to be a construction worker heading home after a days work.  They quickly decided they would shake him down.  At least they wouldn’t go home empty handed.  They didn’t get much from their assault but it was better than nothing.  They raced home on their bicycles and as they turned into their neighborhood there came the safe feeling that goes with being on your home turf.

This made the squad cars that seemed to materialize out of nowhere all the more surprising.  Bicycles crashed to the ground.  The teens tried to run but there was just nowhere to go.  As the officers threw them to the ground and began to beat and curse at them, Eduardo thought, I’m going to die here and no one is coming to help me.  At sixteen years of age he was sent first to an adult penitentiary where he would await his trial.  He was kept in a cell separate from the more hardened adult prisoners.  Fifteen minutes of sunlight per day for thirty days.  It seemed like it would never end.  His trial came and with several outstanding warrants he was given the maximum for a juvenile offender.  He would serve out his time in the infamous FEBEM juvenile prison system of Brazil, never hearing from a single “friend,” his only visitor being his mother.  But then he got a letter that would change everything…

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