What the Church has forgotten (continued)

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Continued from March 24th post

It is also time that the parents of the church demanded something better.

Foreign language immersion, math tutors, sport specific training, piano lessons, and science camp.  Does that sound like the line up for a sophomore in college?  It’s actually a small sampling of the academic and sporting pursuits common amongst elementary school age children in Northern Virginia, where I have lived with my wife and our three children.  It is widely accepted that children have an amazing capability to learn at a very early age and the academic choices we make for our children bear this out. Why is it then that so many Christian parents are satisfied if our children can do little more than recite some basic facts about Noah and the flood, the birth of Jesus Christ, or the account of Daniel in the Lions Den, but can tell us nothing of what we learn about our GOD or our relationship to Him through these accounts?  Why are more parents not alarmed that many of our children can’t explain, in simple terms, the gospel of salvation beyond repeating back the lingo they’ve grown up hearing.  Ask a child what they mean by “having Jesus in your heart” and you may be shocked by their response or lack there of.

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