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Gratitude, Part 2 of 2


Discussion Questions

  1. What was one take away from this week?
  2. Which of these responses to blessing do you most resonate with and why; take for granted, entitled, forgetful/faithless?
  3. Which of the requirements for a grateful heart are most challenging to you? (Knowing our neediness, keeping Christ central, not complaining, not comparing, exercising memory, or practicing gratefulness)
  4. How do you demonstrate your gratitude to God? To your spouse?

Gratitude – Part 1 of 2

Listen (MP3 Audio)

Discussion Questions

  1. What was one takeaway from this talk?
  2. How have you struggled to have an “attitude of gratitude”?
  3. Which of the 5 motives for gratitude has been the most difficult for you to embrace, believe, or experience?
    (God’s Presence, your family of faith, His sovereign love, eternal hope, Christ’s strength to overcome)
  4. Which of the 5 motives for gratitude resonates most with you and why?
  5. We’ll discuss this in part 2, but how have you cultivated this kind of gratitude in your life?

Better2gether, Part 4 of 4

October 25, 2020 

Audio (MP3) –

Discussion Questions

  1. What was 1 take away from this week?
  2. Between humility, gentleness, patience, and tolerance in love, which do you find most challenging?
  3. How have you cultivated spiritual intimacy in your marriage?
  4. How has your faith made you stronger as a couple?  Can you share an example?


Better2gether, Part 3 of 4

October 18, 2020   

Listen (MP3)

Discussion Questions

  1. What was one major take away for you from this talk?
  2. Of the three “arenas” of trust (physical, emotional, spiritual), which is most challenging for you as a couple?
  3. How have you built or maintained trust and what are the benefits you’ve seen?
  4. Pick one area you’d like to focus on as a couple. What can/will you do to grow in this area of building trust and/or entrusting yourself to your spouse?
  5. Can you share a time when trust was damaged and how you went about repairing it?

Better2gether, Part 2

 October 11, 2020   

Audio (MP3) –

Discussion Questions

  1. What was one major take away for you from this talk?
  2. Mike shared an example of honoring and one of dishonoring.  Share an example of from your own experience.
  3. Have you lived out honoring in the Roman way or the Kingdom way? How?
  4. Are there any emotional needs missing from this list?  Pick your top one or two and try to define what they mean to you in action.

Emotional Needs List

  • Affection
  • Acceptance
  • Validation
  • Autonomy/Space
  • Security
  • Trust/Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Prioritization
  • Companionship
  • Respect
  • Admiration
  • Intimacy

Better2gether, Part 1 of 4 (Marriage series)

 October 4, 2020   

Audio MP3 –

Discussion Questions

  1. Which of the 5 reasons shared by Mike regarding why we as a married couple are “better together” most resonates with you?
  2. Pick one or two and give an example of how that is true in your marriage.
  3. Which, if any of these, is a struggle or seems to be less true of where you are in your relationship right now?
  4. Are there any reasons you are better together that you would add? Share those with your table.

Survivor, Part 4 – Lessons Learned on the Island

 July 17, 2020   

Listen (MP3) –

Discussion Questions

  1. Which of these lessons have you experienced in this tribulation?
    • God’s kindness is evident even in trials
    • There is beauty in simplicity
    • I can live with less stuff
    • Community is worth fighting for
    • The lost and vulnerable are all around us
  2. What other lessons have you taken from this pandemic experience?

Survivor, Part 3 – Fighting for Perspective

July 9, 2020

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Discussion Questions

  • Can you share how a time of tribulation has impacted your marriage?
  • Which of these perspectives on tribulation is most challenging for you? Tribulation…
    • Cannot separate us from God’s love
    • Is worked out in community
    • Is not to be feared
    • Should be rejoiced over (spiritual formation, advancement of the gospel)
    • Prepares us for service
    • Can be a sign of spiritual warfare
    • Can be God’s correction of sin
    • Is a powerful testimony when responded to through a godly perspective
  • How would you counsel another couple that is seeking perspective in the midst of a trial?

Survivor, Part 2 – Fighting for Unity

 June 26, 2020  Mike Meyers HomeFront

Audio (mp3)

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you define unity in marriage as opposed to uniformity?
  2. How can you prevent one spouse “disappearing” in the marriage relationship?
  3. Which of Peter’s points to you find most challenging; sympathy, brotherly love, tenderness, or humility? Why?

New 4-Part Marriage Series – “Survivor” – Part 1: Fighting for Peace

 June 19, 2020   

Listen (Audio Only):

Discussion Questions

  1. How can you cultivate an atmosphere of love in our home? Be specific.
  2. What can you do to strengthen yourself in the joy of the Lord in the midst of storms, and fight off the panic?
  3. How have you seen God’s faithfulness in the midst of our current trials or a trial you have been through previously?