Chapter 2 – What GOD knows, Satan exploits, and the Church has forgotten, Part 3

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So what is it that GOD knows about children that causes him to place such an emphasis on them?  Well for one, GOD has a soft spot for those unable to defend themselves; those groups of people in society who depend on the grace of others in order to survive and thrive. That is clear throughout scripture and particularly in the Old Testament laws governing Jewish civil society. But His focus on children goes beyond protection and provision.  To put it simply the Creator knows that if you, “train up a child in the way he should go” (according to how GOD has wired that child), “even when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6).

I can hear the objections now.  “My cousin so and so grew up in a Christian home and he’s an ax murderer now.”  To which I would say, like most proverbs, this one is a principle, not a and hard fast rule.  That being said, it has been my experience that children who are raised by committed, equipped and engaged Christian parents, continue on that path and do not turn from it. Notice I said, raised by committed, equipped and engaged Christian parents. Just being “Christian” parents doesn’t cut it.  Let me take a moment to color in the picture.

Committed – “Never give up!”

A committed parent recognizes their central role as spiritual leader of their child.  This parent seeks knowledge and understanding regarding the raising of their child.  A committed parent invites other godly role models into their child’s life in order to compensate for their own weak areas and give their child the best shot at hope and a future.  These parents know it is going to be hard, but they take Winston Churchill’s advice to heart and “never, never, never, give up” on their kids, even in the late rounds, those dark hours when their teenager hates them and thinks they are ruining her life.

Coming Wednesday – The Equipped & The Engaged Parent



  1. I disagree. Children can be raised in committed, equipped, and engaged parents and still have children who follow a different path. Just like the children of God are given free will, so are the children of Christian parents.

    1. Checked out your blog and loved it. Hang in a bit more. I’m not done with this line of thought and I hope you will find encouragement in it. Christian children do have a choice, but when the parenting (by one or two parents) is done well that choice is one of either accepting or rejecting the known truth rather than making an uninformed and unguided decision. Statistically speaking it is a rare thing, but I do concede it can happen. I am praying for you tonight. Your job is not an easy one, but to answer the question you asked in your story, yes, you can raise a God fearing, responsible son. With God all things are possible.

  2. I will stick around, and I look forward to hearing what else you have to say on this subject 🙂 I just felt like you were putting this huge weight on all parents (not that our responsibility in raising a child isn’t already huge), but it was almost damning. As if if my child chooses the wrong path that it is all my fault. Maybe I misunderstood but I am not sure if I did.

    And thanks for reading my blog, I have enjoyed yours also.

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