Satan is “shaping” the battlefield

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Whether we are discussing a street fight, modern military tactics, ancient city defenses or home protection, certain principles apply.


Shaping the Battlefield: Eliminate your adversary’s capability to fight in a coherent manner before committing forces. Set the conditions for success in decisive operations.

On March 19th, 2003 the second Persian Gulf War began when American Stealth bombers and Tomahawk missiles struck “leadership targets” deep within Iraq, opening the door for a massive and rapid infantry assault that would quickly overwhelm Saddam Hussein’s forces. Interestingly, heavy bombing has preceded most great invasions since the dawn of the cannon. In the military jargon, artillery bombardment “shapes” the battlefield giving infantry the greatest chance for decisive victory. It just makes sense that any well-conducted military assault would begin with taking out, demoralizing or otherwise incapacitating the targets defenses and leaders.  Removing leadership, jamming radar systems, eliminating air defense systems, destroying command and control structures and disrupting supply lines are all keys to causing confusion and overthrowing a kingdom.  Even before the age of modern warfare, cannon bombardment broke down castle walls, allowing foot soldiers to spill through the gaps and inflict untold damage on those seeking protection within.  When leadership is gone, the chain of command is broken and the defensive walls have been breached, it’s every man for his self. Chaos ensues and those left go into survival mode.  In physical war this tactic is obvious because of the “shock and awe” nature of modern weaponry and speed with which things happen.

Spiritual war is not so different. Our enemy’s use of this same tactic, however, can be so subtle to those not paying attention that by the time we realize an attack is under way, we have already been overrun. As mentioned earlier, Satan’s objective is clearly laid out by Jesus in John chapter 10, verse 10 where he says, “The thief (Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” If your aim were essentially to cause chaos and confusion, promoting everything that is contrary to GOD’s Kingdom, it would make sense that the first strategic initiative would be to remove or render useless that Kingdom’s defenses. As a predator Satan seeks out the weak, the young, those separated from the herd and defenseless.  The children of the world are part of this group.

So, what or who constitutes the defense system GOD has put in place for children?   Next post we’ll look to scripture to answer this question.

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