Portraits of Christ: The Lord Is My Shepherd

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Reston Bible Church – July 10, 2022

Listen (MP3)


  1. What stood out to you from this message on Jesus as the Good Shepherd?
  2. Read and discuss John 10:1-18John 10:27-30, and Psalm 23. What does this image of sheep and their shepherd reveal about the character of Jesus?
  3. The Good Shepherd is distinguished by at least five characteristics: Protector, Provider, Leader, Friend, and Uniter. Discuss how Jesus has been each of these in your life at different times. 
  4. What about the image of The Good Shepherd is most meaningful to you in your walk with Jesus?
  5. There were four ways offered to live in the reality of these truths as one of the sheep: Recognize, Abide, Trust, and Enjoy. How can you, or have you, applied these in your life? 
  6. What might you change in the way you relate to Christ and to others as a result of this?

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