Man and the Moon: A Poem

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This past week at Reston Bible Church, where I lead the Children’s Ministry, the children were exploring what it means to love God with your mind (Mark 12:30).  One of those ways we discussed was loving Him with our creativity and imagination.  Several of the children wrote poems, drew pictures, and even play scripts to honor the Lord.  So I have decided to join them in their exercise by publishing here a poem I wrote many, many years ago.

Man and the moon

Lovers walk beneath her dreamingthe moon

 Our children gaze upon her wondering

Poet’s wax about her gleaming

Lamp that lights our darkest night

Dark and gray and cold forbidding

Scarred by ages unforgiving

No breath of life or light or water

No beauty to behold within

Artist’s brush and cantor’s ballad

Healing hands, a brothers love

Climbing spires and every wonder

The light of men in darkened world

Human heart depraved and fallen

Prone to evil, selfish flesh

Scarred by life’s unceasing trials

Calloused, hard, betrayed by sin

What light makes man or moon appealing?

Wherein does their beauty lay?

What fills their dark and gray, cold nature

With the radiant light of day?

From fixed gaze upon the Son

His fiery glory envelopes their face

The mere reflection of His glory

 Shines forth light in darkest space

Reflected light’s sweet glow attracts

Covering age old blemish and waste

Beauty that ne’er before existed

Becomes His light to our lost race

“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.” John 1:4

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