Alpha & Omega, The Great I AM

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I have had the blessing of leading the children of Reston Bible Church in Sterling, Virginia through a series this summer on the attributes of our great God.  This weekend we will wrap it up with the capstone; God’s eternal nature.  

Sovereign, independent, and forever the same. This is an attribute we do not share with God in any sense. He alone is eternal. He is outside of time, He created time, and is therefore sovereign over it. He does not exist in a succession of moments, but instead He simply and simultaneously exists always. He is unlimited by the confines of time and unchanged by the passage of it. In fact, to God, all of His existence is somehow present.

Such an existence is hard for us to imagine simply because it is so utterly different from our own. There is nothing we can see in nature that allows us to make an adequate metaphor.

What glorious implications this truth has for His children! Would you choose to rest anywhere else? Would you prefer to put your faith in your government, your nation, your job, or a philosophy?

“All men are like grass and all their glory like the flowers of the field, the grass withers and the flowers fall but the Word of the Lord will stand forever.” (1 Peter 1:24-25)

For His name’s sake, no! Take your rest in the eternally unchanging, eternally loving, eternally just, eternally present, eternally knowing, eternally sovereign, eternally holy God.

I would like to thank the faithful leaders who volunteered with the children this summer.  Thank you for taking the children on this introductory Quest to discover some very important attributes of God. As I write this I hope and pray that this study has also blessed you in your walk with the Lord. May He richly bless you for your service to His kingdom.



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