Annual Maintenance Check: Part 8 – Communication – Speaking in Strange Tongues

February 16, 2020   

Discussion Questions

  1. How are you different in your communication style? How have these differences shaped your relationship, for better or worse?
  2. How could you, or have you, applied some of today’s principles to your communication?
  3. How would you like your spouse to communicate with you?
  4. What are one or two communication skills you’d like to improve at?

Annual Maintenance Check: Part 7 – Wonderfully Made – Navigating Personality Differences

February 9, 2020   

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you think you have a good understanding of your spouse’s strengths, weaknesses, desires, and aspirations? If yes, how has this helped?  If not, how has this hurt?
  2. How can personality styles can conflict or complement, in finances, child-rearing, managing the home, spiritual matters, vacation planning, family relationships?
  3. Why were you attracted to one another in the first place? What do you like and admire most about each other?

Annual Maintenance Check: Part 6 – Your Greatest Enemy – Selfishness

February 2, 2020   .  

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Philippians 2:1-18.  Is this reality reflected in increasing measure in your home?
  2. In what specific ways have you either acted or thought selfishly recently?
  3. Share a time that selfishness caused serious turbulence, or a near crash in your marriage?
  4. What things do you do to kill off selfishness in yourself and its effects on your marriage?

Annual Maintenance Check: Part 5 – Do You Have a Flight Plan?

 January 19, 2020   

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you want others to describe your marriage? What words would you desire to hear?
  2. Are you floating through married life without direction, or have you considered that God has uniquely joined the two of you for a specific purpose?
  3. How might having a “flight plan” for your marriage help you grow together, provide clarity and tenacity, and give you strength against temptation as a couple?

Annual Maintenance Check: Part 4 – What Do You Expect?

 January 5, 2020   

Annual Maintenance Check: Part 3 – Roots – Family of Origin

December 8, 2019   

Annual Maintenance Check: Part 2 – Grace and the Gospel in Covenant Marriage

 November 10, 2019    


  1. What was your wedding ceremony like?
  2. What do you remember from your vows? Were yours traditional, or did you do something original?
  3. What is one take away you had from today’s talk?
  4. How is your “airframe”? How does considering your marriage as a covenant, “exchange of persons” change your perspective?
  5. Looking back at what grace does, how have you experienced grace with your spouse? Do you desire to be an agent of grace in your marriage?  What keeps you from living in that?

Guard Your Heart

Sermon given at Reston Bible Church.  August 23, 2020

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New Marriage Series: Annual Maintenance Check – Part 1

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Guard Your Heart – speaking at Reston Bible Church, Sunday – August 23

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