Chapter 2 – What GOD knows, Satan exploits, and the Church has forgotten, Part 7

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Satan’s tactics against children continued…

Drug Gangs

The all out assault on education would be bad enough, but our enemy doesn’t limit himself to being a schoolyard bully.  In many poor neighborhoods around the world children as young as five or six years of age are seduced, with candy, money or food for their family, by drug traffickers to work as lookouts and mules (couriers for illegal drug deliveries).  They are often forced to experiment with their product.  Getting them hooked young creates a customer base and cheap labor force for life.  They are taught young to distrust and disrespect authority figures like police, teachers and often parents.  The drug-gang is their family and the earlier they learn it the more likely it will remain engraved on their psyche.


Pornography is another market our enemy is strongly invested in.  It is one of his greatest tools for destroying men, devaluing women and sexualizing children.  I am reminded of that great Sunday school golden oldie, “O Be careful little eyes what you see” when I observe how across the world, porn magazines have left their former hiding places of shame, behind the counter or at least on the top shelf discretely covered, to their new prominence at eye level, not adult eye level mind you, but instead, for the average 8 year old child.  It is no mistake that online porn purveyors work with pop-up ads for children’s games like, “Click here to unlock thousands of FREE new games,” that when clicked on, go directly to the most graphic content imaginable.

Satan knows full well the free access our children have to online information today and that, if you can addict the young mind to the chemical rush brought on by viewing pornography, you have hooked a customer for life and taken an enormous step towards delivering a knock-out punch to a future family or even contributing to a future rape or child molestation.

“Know thine enemy.”  Check back Friday for more on our enemies plans for the children…

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